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Ideas in 3D

I am sometimes asked to make an idea into a 3D representation or experience for various reasons. Some examples below include an interactive model, a satirical talk, and several conceptual art videos. Recently, I focus on academic projects, however, if you have a project or idea to discuss, do get in touch!

HERE city model.   As an assignment not typical of my function in strategy and product marketing, I was asked to think up an idea for explaining and demonstrating enterprise routing capabilities in my work at HERE (previously a Nokia business).  My solution was an interactive city model that used real HERE data We commissioned the Graft Brandlab, who executed the architectural model and light synchronization with our map and data of San Francisco. The model won the Berliner CreativTech-Award and has since been used as the basis of further models, such as this AR version.


Elevator Pitches. A satirical talk about business ideas and the way we explain them by fitting anything into a suggestively rational matrix. I was asked to create something of interest for a general audience while employed in a venture-funded data startup.


Metz, A. 2012. Pecha Kucha at Festaal Kreuzberg, Berlin. February 7, 2012.


To commemorate and comment on the supposed closing of Tegel airport, we designed a speed-walking relay race through the hexagonal airport.  The four competing teams represented professions that had come to define and shape Berlin in the post-war period:  artists, media, startups and 'suits' (ambiguous business people).  The project referenced the changes to the city through the people who moved through its airport, suggesting that the cultural and economic tensions playing out in rents and studio spaces could be understood through a simple, clear speed trial.  Through the project, we suggested that progress is a transitional space.

Metz, A., Riedel, B. & Stein, J. (alphabetical; project)

Tegel airport (Flughafen Tegel) & WYSWYG Bar, Berlin. April 21, 2012.


Included the book: Tegel: Speculations and Propositions, The Green Box, 2013. 

Video production and editing: Riedel, B.

Moved by Coat. If the structure we wear should instigate a specific movement.

A physical exploration of structure and agency.

Stein, J. & Metz, A. video art project. 2013, Kreuzberg, Berlin. 

Sounds for Spies. If privacy invasion were musical: viola in the abandoned listening station. 


Teufelsberg, Berlin. 2013.

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