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** NEW! **

Organizing for Digital Transformation 

  • I am very excited to be coordinating the new MA track at Tilburg on Organizing for Digital Transformation. 

    • Students will learn about digital transformation from a sociological and relational perspective that goes beyond a profit-focus. They will understand technology and digitalization as embedded in the social world, with insights on individuals, teams, organizations, inter-organizational relationships and society-at-large. For employers, our students will bring strong organizational analytical capabilities from our OS MA, with the ability to work on digital projects with a rigorous, human perspective needed to manage and advise organizations navigating the constantly-evolving complex, challenging societal context. Connect or chat to discuss partnering, student interns, hiring, guest lecturing, and any of your great ideas you'd like to share!



  • Qualitative Methods Summer School at LMU Munich (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

  • Academic Writing for PhD students at VU Amsterdam (2021, 2022)

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